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  • Brian Q.
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    I had the pleasure of working with CODA Technology, and have benefited greatly from the experience. Tireless in their pursuit, and extraordinarily professional in their approach and execution. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with them again.

    Brian Q.

    SVP - Sales & Commercial , Global Payments & FinTech Player

  • Larry S.
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    ​What can I say about CODA Talent...? Their working staff makes you feel like they are one of the family. As both a client and a subscriber their service exceeded my expectations. As a client, they were with me every step of the way ensuring I got what was expected for my overall package. And as a subscriber, I would rank them among the best I have worked with, if not the best. They vet potential employees to my exact criteria making the hiring process easy. Rarely, did I have to ask for a second CV, as they ranked candidates and short-listed them. As I worked with them it seemed they had an algorithm tailor made for my organization, as every candidate fits our culture seamlessly. Clearly, I cannot say enough about Coleen and her team.

    Larry S.

    Principal , UAE Education Group - Top Tier School

  • Bassma A.
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    CODA Healthcare approached us last year, and it's been a positive experience ever since. They have exceptional expertise in recruiting people, especially in the Healthcare Field. They are my first port of call for career movement advice and for recruiting for my team. CODA differs from other companies in the recruitment industry with their transparency and professionalism. I would always recommend CODA Healthcare to anyone in need of a new job, who wants to find suitable alternatives for career advancement quickly and without unnecessary hassle.

    Bassma A.

    Regional Operations Director - ME , International Healthcare Company

  • Terry B.
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    I had the opportunity to work with CODA Education while I was employed at an international school in Saudi Arabia. As a Canadian, I can't stress enough the professionalism and prompt attention that CODA Education gave to me whenever I first reached out to them indicating my interest in looking at other work opportunities in the region. CODA epitomize what professional is all about, they took the time to find out my strengths, my areas of growth, what regions of the world I would be interested in, and then they set to work in finding me opportunities that might interest me. They delivered on everything and more. Overall, I highly recommend CODA to anyone that is interested in a possible career move because they have the talent, experience, and wisdom with a number of world wide organizations. Thank you greatly team CODA Education for helping me get settled in my current position here in the UAE.

    Terry B.

    Principal , Regional Education Group - Top Tier School

  • Ahmad F.
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    ​I would like to thank you Daniel and Tom so much for your efforts. No words can express my appreciation and describe how grateful I am. I simply couldn't have done it without the both of you. Looking forward to meeting you guys in person soon.

    Ahmad F.

    Regional Marketing Consultant , Global Leading ERP & HCM Solutions