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How do you get the best out of your day?

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  1. Makes larger goals more tangible

Team CODA believes in Planner Power! Having a day planner ( the right one! ) has multiple advantages on a professional and personal front. We have developed our planner in a manner that enables you to establish a healthy balance between your work tasks, health and personal life. Here are our top 10 reasons to download the free CODA daily planner 

  1. Declutter and organize your mind 

We often wake up in the morning already overwhelmed with everything that we have to do for the day. Spending a few minutes to pen these down on the planner will help you declutter your thoughts and go through the day with a much stronger sense of clarity!

2.Prioritize what’s important

Every task has a priority flag - low importance, moderately important and high importance. Categorizing your tasks allows you to allocate your time more effectively  to ensure that you’re spending more time on items with high priority.

  1. Increase productivity

Studies have shown that planning your day at the beginning, helps you to go about your day in a more structured manner therefore, enabling you to be highly productive. Our sections in the planner are carefully structured to ensure that you’re not overworking yourself in the name of productivity. 

  1. Avoid forgetting and missing on tasks 

When we have a lot to accomplish in a day, we’re bound to forget a task. It might get lost in the sea of your other tasks. Penning them down when they first pop into your head ensures that you don’t miss out on important calls, tasks, reminders etc. 

  1. Helps you record your day 

When your day is on paper, it acts as a record for the future. There are always times where you forget the day that you acted on a task , had a meeting, did a chore etc. Looking back at the planner of the last few days can really help in these situations. 

  1. Keeps everything in one place 

Juggling between a meal planner, fridge to-do-list , workout app , google calendar etc. can be tiresome. It might even make you feel that you have so much more to do than you actually do. Putting them all on a single CODA planner page makes it much easier to stick to what you have planned. 

  1. Maintaining a work life balance 

Planning what you want to eat for lunch is as important as scheduling in a work call. While it may feel too mundane of a task to write down on a planner, penning non-work tasks down can ensure that you’re not compromising on your personal life. 

  1. Satisfaction of crossing off items 

The satisfaction that you get from crossing off completed tasks from your list is unparalleled. They even motivate you to power through the day till everything is crossed off and completed.

  1. Minimizes distraction 

Having a snapshot of your day in front of you helps in minimizing distractions that you would usually tend to fall for. While activities like watching a show, unwinding etc. should definitely be factored in while planning your day, planning them helps you avoid time wastage.

10 ) Makes your physical and mental health a priority 

While tracking your water intake , exercise, leisure activities, hobbies and personal tasks, you are ensuring that your physical and mental health is not ignored. Doing this on a daily basis immensely helps in achieving your long term fitness and mental health goals. 

Let’s get started ! Download your planner here!

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