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Times of Uncertainty

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These really are uncertain times that we are in. With a large number of companies (SMEs and Large Enterprises included by the way) making massive redundancies, mandatory salary cuts of 40-60% or more in some cases, and compulsory indefinite leave with no pay in some more extreme cases.

What’s the reason? “COVID-19”, “Coronavirus”, “The current pandemic” or “We’re making severe losses/no profits” are some of the reasons that employers will site as to why they have to terminate an employee’s contracts. And do you know what the most frustrating thing is that some of candidates who have been affected say to us: “they’ll be hiring again when all this passes over in a few months”. Surely that’s a more expensive recruitment exercise. This baffles me and I’m sure it does you too.

Imagine the agony, the pain, the stress that is caused to individuals, families and extended families who depend on these hardworking, loyal and dedicated employees who in some cases have given everything they have, made sacrifices that the average ‘you’ or ‘me’ would not be able to make in a heartbeat as they have done time and time over. Some relocating their entire families, with the kids in schools out here (not cheap) and some sacrificing long distance scenarios often for extended periods of time – just to keep a manageable solution going until there’s a breakthrough of some kind and a balance on things to change the situation, well… at least for the time being.

Suddenly your world comes crashing down with an email, a letter, a brief meeting or for some merely a WhatsApp or SMS message notification. With no contingency plan to secure a new opportunity, plan for your next move, everything and everyone on lock-down the whole world over. Not even the chance to travel for whatever the reason to catch your breath and come back stronger and more determined to proceed with Plan B.

Hmm…… These really are uncertain times that we are in…

There are some companies, firms, organisations (yes SME’s, Large Enterprises and International Fortune 100/500 and the Blue Chips) in industry and commerce – that we see and continue to support, across healthcare, tech, retail, e-commerce, Payments & FinTech, FMCG, Logistics & Supply Chain that will perform very well in the current situation with COVID-19 crisis. The leaders in their respective sectors are using this period to demonstrate the faith they have in their workforce who have been dedicated and committed since they joined for however long a period of time. Introducing work from home flexibility, investing in the safety, protection and security of their personnel, offering incentives, focusing on catering specifically to the needs of their customers as well as using all of the technologies available to provide their businesses with the chance to continue to thrive, and to enable them to continue to serve their customers better even in uncertain times like these. No surprise, these companies have actually seen a substantial increase in performance and a surge in employee loyalty, confidence and trust ultimately impacting results overall in a very positive way.

I would like to take the opportunity on this platform to encourage my 15K+ connections here on Linked IN all over the world and their connections and their connections, my candidates and clients who have been impacted by the current situation to keep going, keep believing and although you may be knocked down, absolutely refuse to be knocked out! This will all surely pass and you should be able to live to tell the story in the not too distant future on how you survived! On the other hand, if you are fortunate enough to still be in employment, that’s to say you have a job, don’t take it for granted, don’t be complacent, don’t relax! Work like you’ve never worked before, go above and beyond and put in the extra effort wherever possible. The impact you make could contribute to the survival of your organisation. Play your part and most of all be accountable. 

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